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What is Summer Camp? | サマーキャンプとは?

一生の思い出になる、あなたの人生を絶対に変える3日間。それがSUMMER CAMP 2023です!


Get ready to have a blast at Summer Camp 2023! Spend three unforgettable days immersed in nature, taking part in thrilling activities, and bonding with old and new friends. We've got some amazing special guests lined up, from talented musicians to inspiring speakers, who will make your experience even more unforgettable. Join us at Summer Camp 2023 for an adventure you won't forget, full of excitement, new friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime!

My heart changed completely during the camp. I came to realize that the plan I had been having in my mind was not God’s plan, but it was something that I had planned. At that moment, my plan got broken down. I came to think that I want to serve God, serve the church, and tell many people about the Love of God. I thought that the most shining person is the one who serves God and God himself. I want to serve God and make those who love God happier. That is how my dream was changed completely.

2022 Camp Attendee | 2022年キャンプ参加者


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Looking for a way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people? Consider donating to our summer camp! Our program is more than just fun and games - it's an opportunity for kids to grow in their faith, learn important life skills, and form lasting friendships. By supporting our camp, you'll be investing in the future of Japan - these kids will go on to become leaders and influencers in their schools, churches, and beyond. We hope you will consider partnering with us and support the next generation.

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